Raising Awareness of Prostate Cancer and Men's Health

About the Long Ride

Raising awareness and making friends

The Long Ride is a group of individuals who participate in this charity event for many reasons.  The main reason is to help make a difference in their lives and the lives of others by joining in this event structured to raise awareness of prostate cancer in all communities.

Previous riders will tell you that the ride has changed them in many ways.  You quickly come to realise that whatever is troubling you, others have same problem and you realise you are not alone.  This ride will enable you to overcome many personal issues, make new friends, make a difference in your community and help others Nationally to save the lives of people you do not know.

You may know how ride a motorcycle, but do you really know the feeling of traveling for days with a group of other motorcycle riders? The whole atmosphere is different. When a motorcycle pulls into a new town, eyes turn toward it (you've seen it). But, when a group of motorcycle riders thunder into town, all attention within a half-mile focuses on the riders.

People are inspired by the freedom represented in these riders. The locals come from all over just to look at the bikes and chat with you, not strangers for long.  You can be one of them.

All you have to do is choose to make this real and join the Long Ride. Live this dream. Many people never understand 'rider' culture and the freedom riding a motorcycle across Australia gives you.  Experience this culture and make a huge difference in your life, join the Long Ride and help our men and women help themselves. 

Each night we stay in a different town; each day we see different sights in magnificent locations, meet new people and most important of all make new friends.  This is the real thing, life on the road, without the dangers that follow a solo rider. Anyone can ride a bike, but this is a chance to make a difference in your life and in others.